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Dried fruits and berries
Blackcurrant is a combination of unique taste and benefit. Sweet and sour, with a tart aroma, this berry is a real storehouse of vitamins and antioxidants. In the Middle Ages, they began to cultivate it for medicinal purposes and only after dozens of years, the blackcurrant settled in the kitchen.
Only 50 grams of blackcurrant contain a daily value of vitamin C, necessary to strengthen blood vessels, immunity and keep high spirits. In addition, the berry is rich in B group vitamins, potassium, iron and promotes detoxification of the body and the normalization of metabolism.
Samfruit offers a wide range of dried blackcurrant, which retains its unique benefits and taste. In addition, our product can be stored longer and is convenient for use. A few dried berries will add piquancy and delicacy to a meat dish or a side dish and, of course, perfectly complement any dessert.
The form
  • Pieces
  • Individual cutting is possible
  • Carton Boxes