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Dried fruits and berries
This berry is always associated with an easy and pleasant life – “live like raspberry” (Russian proverb similar to “life of Riley.”) Therefore, it is not surprising that since ancient times, it has many admirers. Even ancient Greeks grew raspberries, and they were the first to spoke not only about the berries’ taste and aroma, but also about their benefits for the body.
Raspberry is a source of vitamin C, unique fruit acids and trace nutrients, which in combination take an anti-inflammatory effect, help in removing toxins from the body and increasing immunity. That is why raspberry jam is so effective for colds.
The berries preserve all their useful properties after gentle drying, which they undergo at Samfruit. Dried raspberries not only will provide you with vitamins all year round, but will add maximum benefits and unique taste to your dishes.
The form
  • Pieces
  • Individual cutting is possible
  • Carton Boxes