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Thyme по выгодным ценам
Dried herbs
This small plant with a unique taste and aroma has firmly taken its place in our life: thyme is popular not only in cooking, but also in the cosmetic industry, and also as an ornamental plant.
Cooks all around the world appreciate thyme for its amazing aroma and exquisite spicy taste, which it generously shares with any dish. It is able to transform vegetable side dishes and pickles, add originality to recipes from meat and fish, make beverages, including alcoholic drinks distinctive.
The amazing properties of thyme are known since ancient times. Our ancestors considered the plant to be divine, they believed that it could restore a human health and even life. They were right in some sense, because the essential oils contained in thyme have endowed it with antibacterial properties, the ability to relieve pain and improve digestion.
Dried thyme retains all the benefits of the fresh one. In addition, it is just a pleasure to use it. It is no more need to search, select and grind the herb for a long time. Just add a little dried thyme to your recipes and appreciate the excellent result!
The form
  • Whole
  • Leaves
  • Individual cutting is possible
  • Packets