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Dried vegetables
Green peas
Even people of ancient Greece and Egypt loved green peas. Undemanding in growing, this vegetable proved to be delicious and incredibly nutritious, and made a basis for the most people’s diet in Europe, Middle East and North Africa for long time.
Peas are rich in vitamins A, C, H and B group, phosphorus, potassium and calcium. This vegetable is recommended for those who have kidneys and liver problems, as well as for those who needs to quickly fill the lack of vitamins, to fight stress and fatigue. A high content of vegetable proteins makes peas an indispensable product for vegetarian and dietary nutrition.
There are many ways to cook this vegetable: they eat it fresh, canned, frozen and, of course, dried. Dried peas by Samfruit preserve all the benefits of fresh ones, they can be stored for a long time and serve as an excellent addition to soups, side dishes, meat and fish.
The form
  • Whole
  • Individual cutting is possible
  • Packets
  • Carton Boxes